The Complete Racing Package

Today we are going to look at a race at Lingfield where the favourite is a false price, giving us scope to trade other runners. I will list all the runners form below and then look at where the best prices for trading are available.

Number six El Ghazwani is a vulnerable favourite here and takes 40% of the market book. There is very little in his last six performances to warrant those kind of odds. My four to trade are listed below with the final hedge figures in green (top left).

From here we can pursue a number of options. The first would be to hedge the market and settle for a return whichever horse won. In the second box I have a potential profit on any of the four traded with a break even point on all other runners. In the third box I have reduced my potential profit on Time Change and Stamford Raffles to include a potential profit on the top weight Lawn Ranger.

You could reduce your profit on these five to include other runners. Once you have the hedge locked in then it really is up to you which way you want to play the market. 

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