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On this page we set out probably one of the most important aspects of trading, namely using a bank that fits with your trading experience and ability. Hopefully this will stop any bank wipe outs that are common amongst traders. The absolute rule here is to divide your bank up into a percentage your feel comfortable with. You should at no time trade your entire bank on one race. With a sensible approach you should be able to grow your investment over time. This first chart will help you understand the strategy.


Bank 01 - Beginner.png

Explanation: This is the first in a series of trading charts tracking your progress from absolute beginner through to professional. This first image is aimed at those amongst you who are completely new to trading and horse race study. On the left hand side is your suggested starting bank followed by staking for sixteen bets, please note these are level bets. You can see the first bank of eighty pounds has two layers, these indicate the stakes depending on whether you are trading one or two horses in the race. From this bank I would be looking to put a maximum of 20% of the total bank up for investment. Thus, if you trade just one horse then your stakes would be one pound with a maximum total stake of sixteen pounds which is 20% of eighty. If you wanted to spread your trades over two selections then your stakes would halve and each runner would have a total investment of eight and a combined total of sixteen pounds. 

In the final columns I have put in your targets for cashing out and in-running. In will mostly try to play in running from a position of strength, that is from a position where I have a potential profit built up. The cash out is equivalent to the stake, in this case one pound. The in running target is to win 10% of your total bank at that time.

As your bank grows you should feel confident enough to increase your stakes when hitting the next level, which would be at one hundred and sixty pounds (an increase of eighty pounds). Stakes should increase each time your bank increases to the new position shown in red.

Once you reach the end of this chart you should be experienced enough to move on to the next image - step 2 The Novice


Bank 02 - Novice.png

Explanation: The novice chart expands on that created above with a new row added. This means that you will be able to trade three selections per race. You can see the absolute total amount is the same for each row. Trading one horse at a bank of one thousand pounds is up to a maximum of two hundred. If you multiply the row two amount of one hundred by two and row three of sixty six by three that will match the figure of two hundred. Again it is advisable that only move your stakes up to the next level once reaching the milestones shown on the left hand side in red. Cash out figures and in running figures shown on the right should also be multiplied by the number of selections to give the absolute profit targets. For example for two the calculation is £6.25 x 2 and for three selections £4.17 x 3. Both returning £12.50 per race - step three Intermediate.


Bank 03 - Intermediate.png

Explanation: Once you reach this stage in your career you should be an experienced confident trader. It is important at this level to continue to follow your rules that have brought you this far. Many traders think they are invincible and deviate from their normal path. If you do this the losses will start to appear. The chart above adds another row and means you should be able to cope with trading up to four horses per race, you should however only be looking to do this if there are four excellent trading opportunities. Just because you can go up to four doesn't mean you have to. Again for absolute total stakes and cash out/in running total multiple each amount by the number of horses you are trading to get an overall view. - step four advanced.


Bank 04 - Advanced.png

Explanation: At the three thousand pound point you can switch over to this advanced staking plan - step five professional.


Bank 05 - Professional.png

Explanation: The final step in our banking and staking plan. Starting as your bank reaches four thousand. Note the expansion to trading six runners maximum. Obviously these are just my views on staking. My aim when I first started was to replace my teaching income with a betting strategy. I am happy to stick with these charts. But if your ambitions go further then you should have the know how to devise your own advancement from this final chart. Just make sure you can handle the pressure of raising your stakes above this threshold.