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Q: Could you explain how you choose the races to trade on a daily basis?

A: One of the most important aspects of trading is choosing the right races, this is a question that most traders ask when starting their career. Please click this link to access our answer.

Q: What is the most important part of choosing a horse to trade?

A: The one essential part of my trading is price and form relation. I look at the form of each horse in the race and try to make a judgement market price. If the Betfair price is way above what I perceive the real price to be I would be interested in trading that horse. This does come with experience. I would suggest as a trial you look at each horses form and try to make your own prices (in effect acting like a bookmaker). It isn't an easy skill, but I do give insight into this in the videos and on this website. The more you can relate form to price the more skilled you will become at trading. In general trades need to be backed up with good recent form in that class and possibly a good draw. There are no hard and fast rules however, just experience.

Q: How do I find outsiders to trade?

A: Perhaps the most frequent question on the site is 'how do I select outsiders?' The answer is of course related to form. Click this link for the full answer.

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