The Complete Racing Package

Q: Can you provide an outline of what you expect your services to look like when it's done?.

A: The site will expand considerably in all areas cited on the membership area. We aim to deliver a comprehensive set of tools for traders to analyse and put into practice at their own pace. The ultimate content is hard to envisage, but we will be adding pages continuously over the next twelve months at least. 

Q: When do you expect the membership service to be a paid subscription and how much will it cost?.

A: At the moment it is very likely the service will be free well into the new year as we build up more content. When this does become a commercial enterprise the cost per month is likely to be £5.99. You will be able to join and leave as you feel necessary. The password will change each month so to keep this up to date just make the payment using pay pal (you can also use your debit cards through this link).

Q: How much content do you add per month?.

A: At the moment we expect to add between one and two pages per week. As the service grows this will increase to between three and four per week.

Q: What are the Bronze, Silver & Gold Services mentioned in the videos.

A: These were initial memberships to the site. These have now been phased out and replaced with more educational content. 

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