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First job is to go to the Racing Post site and click on the HOME tab. This will bring up an overview of all races due to run that day. Below is an example from October 30th 2019.

Today's Races.png

From here we can decide which meeting to look at in more detail. All of my trading is done on the flat on UK racetracks so the three meetings to analyse for me would be: Nottingham, Kempton and Wolverhampton. The last two are all weather meetings which is fine. In fact I prefer to trade on the all weather the vast majority of the time due to less impact on field sizes during the day. (Non runners).

Taking a look first at Nottingham:

The first race on the card is a maiden race for two year olds:

Nottingham 12.50.png

My plan of action when trading is to first look at the form of the runners and try to identify individuals who are in my opinion overpriced.

Because there is very little form on offer it is more difficult to gauge a value price here so I hardly ever look at this type of race. 

The next two races are handicaps and form is freely available although the nursery is again quite limiting as to what we know about the runners.

Nottingham 1.20.png
Nottingham 1.50.png

The main problem with the above two races is the number of runners, both have relatively small field sizes. This means we don't have much in the way of choice trading outsiders. We could have a closer look at Directory in the 1.20 and Zulu Zander in the 1.50. However if we are only trading two or three races per day it is probably best to look elsewhere.

The next race is what I would consider borderline in terms of runners. It is a decent handicap though which is fine.

Nottingham 2.20.png

Because we have more runners, there are at least four participants we can have a closer look at. Any horse trading at ten to one or above merits consideration. It is now just a question of analysing form and making a judgement call on whether the price on offer is value. This is something you will improve on with race experience.

The next race is similar with nine runners lining up. This race is a little different in that the favourite is shorter in price, meaning more horses are trading above the cut off point of ten to one.

Nottingham 2.50.png

The final three races included a novice stakes with five runners and two amateur rider races which are not suitable for trading.

Moving over to the all weather we can look at a race from each meeting that I would consider.


First Kempton

Kempton 6.10.png

Second Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton 4.50.png

Both races have decent sized fields with a good number of outsiders to analyse.

The Kempton race is probably the better of the two as they are older horses with more form available.